About WunderLush™ Automatic Cordless Hair Curler

Q: Does WunderLush™ work on shorter hair?
A: Yes, it is perfect for short hair.

Q: How can you use WunderLush™ to avoid tangles?
A: Comb your hair to remove knots before curling. For each curl, place no more than 1/2 "- 1" strand of hair in the curling chamber.

Q: Does your hair burn when you curl your hair?
A: If you follow the instructions properly, this hair curler is very easy to use and creates a beautiful curl in seconds. It never got hot enough to burn hair.

Q: Will WunderLush™ tangle my hair?
A: There are generally two reasons for tangles:
1: You haven't combed your hair to remove knots before hand.
2: You put a lot of hair in the curling chamber.

Q: What to do if my hair get tangled?
1: Release the start button and gently pull the hair out.
2: Comb the section of hair to remove knots and straighten them.
3: Put less hair in the curling chamber

Q: What is the best temperature / time setting for thin hair?
A: It depends on what types of curls you want for:
For loose curls you can use 300-340 °F and timer 8-12 seconds
for tight curls, set 360-390 °F and timer 13-18 seconds

Q: Will WunderLush™ turn off automatically?
A: Yes, it will turn off automatically after 10 minutes if not in us to ensure your safety.

Q: Will WunderLush™ work for people with naturally frizzled hair?
A: Yes, it works perfectly even if you have Latina curly or thick hair.